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Hey! Did you hear? PyCon is happening in the Philippines! And it happens right at my alma mater, UP Diliman (at the UP Alumni Engineers’ Centennial Hall’s Accenture Ideas Exchange Room—a.k.a. Lecture Hall), from June 30 to July 1. That’s a weekend so I have no problems with it conflicting with my work schedule.

But…registration, with the cheapest being at PhP 295, most expensive at PhP 695, requires the use of PayPal, which requires a credit card. I don’t have a credit card and, right now, I really don’t have any plans of getting one. That sucks.

Although right now, at the PhPUG Facebook Group, there are requests of having payment done through GCash. That, I think, is a better idea since how do you honestly expect students to turn up if registration requires a credit card?

I keep my fingers crossed.

EDIT (06/10/12): Update from the PhPUG Facebook group: It seems that a GCash option will be rolling out on Monday (tomorrow). Yeah!

EDIT (06/11/12): And yes, finally, PyCon Philippines is accepting GCash (since yesterday, late update :P). They also seem to support over-the-counter payments. Don’t know how that one goes though.

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