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Welcome to the (sub) blog! The never-really-planned, not-built-from-ground-up, not-personal-but-technical blog of The Chad Estioco. Sigh. Since this isn’t personal, as I just said, let me skip the (in)formalities I usually do and jump straight in to the questions no one’s really asked except for me. *wink**wink*

I understood the not-personal-but-technical part but can you explain why this is never-really-planned and not-built-from-ground-up?

Easy. Those two explanations go hand-in-hand.

For some time now, I’ve been creating a portfolio website for myself as a Computer Scientist. I built that portfolio website from the ground-up, meaning I crafted it starting from a blank screen of a plain text editor (Notepad++ or GEdit, take your pick) with no aid from any framework whatsoever. Fun as it was, I did not plan to include a blog in there for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that the codes I wrote for my personal blog have been spaghettified and I would like to rewrite them first.

Fast forward to summer of 2011, I took my internship and I found myself being required to blog about the experience. And we had to use WordPress. So, I combine the two circumstances together and form .

(It feels weird to use the past tense in the previous paragraph as it is the summer of 2011 as I write this.)

So, most of the posts here will be about your internship?

For this summer, yes. But I plan to continue the blog way beyond this summer and eventually outnumber those (coming soon) internship posts.

Where’s the portfolio website now?

Still a work-in-progress. I plan to have it up by summer end.

Will you be abandoning your personal blog in favor of this?

‘Course not. Had that been my plan, this wouldn’t be a sub-domain.

Why “”?

The firstest post must give you an idea.

Is the dot (.) required between “kode” and “play”?

Yes. Someone beat me to the dotless version, sadly.

Are we required to call you The Chad Estioco?