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About Me

Chad Estioco is, as of this writing, a man in his twenties who still plays with plastic swords. He jumps while other people walk and codes while other people sleep. He has a music box where other people have their temporal lobes. He also finds it very hard to understand why other people will like anything more than chocolate ice cream.

When he is not coding or jumping around, he travels to faraway places like Cimmeria, Middle Earth, Narnia, The Dreaming, and Hogwarts. He feels quite sure he can reach them, if only he can find the right wardrobe or train platform. Several angry wardrobe owners and quizzical looks from ticket inspectors have passed and he is still to succeed.

About My Machine

I use desktops mostly, until 2008, that is, when I entered college and found out that I can use the time between my subjects to code and got my first laptop. While I know that desktops will always pack more power than laptops, due to space and other constraints, I’ve stuck with laptops mostly. Maybe I’ll get a desktop when I encounter a problem so difficult I’d need all the computation resources my money can buy. But I feel that unlikely.

I used to use Windows, being that that is the OS a lot of people I know were introduced to. March 2010 I took the plunge to Linux Ubuntu and I’ve been at it since then. I still keep a copy of Windows in my machine, for those (rare) times Linux doesn’t scale up to my needs.

Machine Specs:
Unit Model: Lenovo IdeaPad 300
Processor: Quadcore Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6500U CPU @ 2.50GHz
GPU: AMD Radeon
Operating Systems: Linux Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) and Windows 10

Also checkout more of what I use over here.

Me. Elsewhere.

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  1. Wonderful sweet description of your dorky self Chad 😉

    I left a question on your article about matlab/octave differences. Hope you find it and can reply.


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