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At last. We’re doing what I really anticipated us to do. If you know me, I wouldn’t need to spell what that is out. Clue: It doesn’t have anything to do with ice cream or chocolate *wink*

But before I relate this part of my adventure, we sidetrack a little first into...

Dramatis Personae

Module GundamX. The module I am assigned to, under a nickname I myself gave. I just thought of giving it a nickname as it feels awkward and a bit impersonal referring to it through phrases such as “the module I am assigned to” or “the module I’m working on”. Much shorter too! I know it’s not as cool as tech products are meant to sound but I’m exerting effort not to have any Freudian slips here.

Project GuitarHero. The project, of which Module GundamX is a part of. Again, a nickname of my own devising, for purposes the same as above.

And lastly,

The Chad Estioco. The awesome author who gives nonsensical names such as Module GundamX or Project GuitarHero. He thinks all alliterations are awesome and loves ice cream, chocolate, and coding.

Right. That applies for my next few posts as well.

My bad. GuitarHero sure grew a lot while I was Photoshopping UIs. I wonder how large our SVN repository is right now. The first time I checked-out a copy of the project’s files, it has been revised around 800 times already. The most revisions I ever saw on a project prior to this was around a hundred. After 800 revisions, there were already a lot of files and the directory structure was starting to get pretty deep. Scrolling through my workspace in Eclipse feels like watching a tediously-(un)spaced closing credits of a movie whose actors have names like,, etc.

I’m done with one out of the three parts assigned to me. Or, at least, as done as I can possibly get for now. I already have some scratch code for one of the two other parts, and the last one sounds pretty easy and I hope to start and get pretty finished with it before Friday’s presentation.

Some of the base classes I need aren’t fine-tuned yet and I’m still learning how our mentors implemented networking on our project. They used jWebSocket and it is something very new to me; I’ve just grasped the basics of the API our mentors designed.

And, man, the code from our mentors amazes me. I see them use Java constructs I’ve either heard of but never used, or never even knew existed (assertions, anyone?). Even as I sell my programming soul to the minimalist syntax of Python or to the parentheses of Scheme, I realize that I still can’t claim full mastery over Java. Poor me.

Guess that’s it for now. I still need to code. 😀 ~ The Chad Estioco

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