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Title says it all. Glad that my UP DilNet account is still up. Wonder when will it go down? Hehe.

Keynote by Daniel Greenfeld right now. Talking about Linux/Ubuntu and robotics. And Python. Of course. (9:37am)

“People recognize the passion in you” – Daniel Greenfeld, who worked for NASA, with a degree in English Literature (9:57am)

Python walkthrough by Allan Paolo Barazon (10:05am).

Python Tricks You Can’t Live Without by Audrey Roy. What’s yours? Mine is definitely higher-order functions, map (11:06am)

Django Tutorial by Marconi Moreto. I’ve long wanted to ditch PHP for Python but never got/knew how to start. This one’s of interest. (11:40am)

After lunch sessions are about to start! For the after lunch session we have…

Mr. Sony Valdez is now talking about PyGame. My most anticipated talk! (1:13pm)

Functional Programming by Mr. Malcolm Tredinnick. I know FP from Scheme as you may have guessed from earlier (2:03pm).


So, okay, the first day of PyCon did not end with Mr. Tredinnick’s talk on FP in Python but, after that, this post became too long to manage with my Galaxy Y. It became pure punishment to type. I wasn’t using the WordPress App for Android though; I can’t get it to work with DilNet’s proxy settings so I was doing it on my Droid’s browser.

Anyway, there’s little I’ve missed. The next talk was on Ansible Configuration Management by Mr. Rodnet Quillo. And then, Mr. Paolo Barazon returns onstage to talk about companies/websites that use Python. I know that a lot of companies/websites use Python but I didn’t know they were this many and this extensive!

Next, Mr. Tredinnick returned for a talk on uhhh…making maps with Python? I wasn’t very sure because it was in this part of the day that all of the week’s OTs caught up with me and I fell asleep. He seems to have been able to use some Python APIs to cartograph his own map. It would’ve been interesting to see if that can be merged with PyGame for full-scale games. Shame I fell asleep!

The closing talk was given by Mr. Bryan Veloso, of GitHub, on designing your own open-source project. Sometime recently (within the past year), slides from a GitHub employee became famous for two things: (1) incredible design, and (2) liberal use of swear words. Those slides, sans swearing, became my inspiration in creating the slides we used in our thesis presentations. Those slides were slides done right: eye-catching without being distracting, simple and yet complimenting the speaker in his points. I can say the same for the slides of Bryan Veloso. Maybe, it’s a GitHub thing?


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