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The good part of the day:

  • I’ve started coding the third out of my three responsibilities for Module GundamX.
  • I’ve managed to make my app connect to the server. Prior to Friday it kept throwing an exception. As I expected, I just overlooked some steps.
  • I have integrated my SQLite database (read: the local DB system of Android) to Project GuitarHero’s SQLite framework.

The not-so-good part of the day:

  • The base class I need for item #1 above doesn’t look too finished yet. Either that or I, again, have overlooked a few things. But the code didn’t have much useful comments and was still littered with TODOs. Hence I’ve only started with item #1 but I haven’t really made a lot of progress.

The best part of the day, told in pictures:

So, we went up to the 29th floor (Azeus is at the 28th, but they own a unit in the 29th)…

Amazing view from the 29th floor...

Is that a helicopter pad at San Miguel's rooftop?! (Reflected is the flashy shirt I wore for the occassion)




My co-interns: Wow we're at the 29th floor! WOW IS THAT A HELICOPTER PAD AT SAN MIGUEL'S ROOFTOP?!

To meet the man behind the company, Mr. Lee



"Is that intern taking my picture?"

He looks grumpy in my picture above but he is very far from that. Mr Lee has a gentle voice with an accented English (but hey, we probably sounded accented to him too) laughing a hearty laugh. We asked him one question each, and he answered sportly to questions such as,

Why Philippines? (Verbatim words; in context, the question meant “Why did you choose to have an Azeus branch at the Philippines?”)

How many of your employees do you know?

If Azeus grows further, do you plan to buy the whole (PSE) building?

(You won’t find my question among those three. Those questions came from my module mates. Don’t they ask the most amazing/funny of questions?)



...and here he looks zoning out but he is actually answering a question from one of us.

I didn’t manage to catch all his words maybe because I’m unused to his accent but it was an inspiring two hours nonetheless. He kind of reminds me of my impression of Professor Quiwa and Professor Muriel (links to my personal blog).

Best lesson I’ve learned from our meeting with Mr Lee: don’t be afraid to think about the long term; you may be making an investment.

Hope you’ve had a Friday the 13th as inspiring as mine ~ The Chad Estioco

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